The Long and Winding Road of Two Oceans – a change in perception

As someone who exercises a fair amount – Sometimes… When I want to. I feel that I have learnt to listen to what my body tries to say to me (not in that crazy there are voices in my head kind of way – more the, if you don’t listen up you will hurt yourself way).

The big thing about listening to your body is when to listen and when to ignore it. As a physiotherapist I tell people to always respect their pain and listen to it. As an endurance athlete (I hate that word, it sounds so official like) you find that you often need to just put those moans and groans away for a while and ignore them. Continue reading

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Biltong and Red Wine Pairing, the Taste of Africa

Biltong is a truly South African Experience and a trip to the Winelands would not be the same without it.

At La Bri in Franschhoek they offer a sweet (chocolate) and savoury (biltong) pairing I only managed to stay for the biltong pairing but that just gives me an excuse to go back and experience the other tasty delights this charming winery has to offer.

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Neetlingshof Everyday pairings

The first thing we were told when we sat down for this tastings was that the point if this pairing was not only to find food that brings out the flavors of the wine but to pair the wines with food that everyone has access to. It is easy to appreciate wine pairings when paired with uniquely crafted gourmet meals, but what about when we are at home cooking everyday, normal people food – its also possible and not too hard.

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4 Golden Rules to Food and Wine Pairing

Being involved in the wine and wine tasting industry Bikes ‘n Wines is relishing in the fact that our wine farms are slowly starting to catch on to the huge appeal of food and wine pairing tasters.

The reason we pair wine with food is to enhance both the flavors of the food and of the wine itself. One should never overpower the other. The relationship should be mutually beneficial and work together to create deliciousness.

A number of the wine farms that Bikes ‘n wines visits, offer a variety of decadent pairings. These pairings are all unique to the farms we visit, and all offer something different to learn and take with you to your next wine tasting/drinking experience (Plus you get to taste some amazing wines).

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The Joy of Racing.. To me at least

A friend of mine asked me a very interesting question the other day.

“Do you actually enjoy racing, because you never smile”

So I thought I would clarify and attempt to give a little insight on why I do race and to explain that I am not  a masochist . But first – here are a few pics of me smiling.

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Getting back on the proverbial horse

Getting injured is part of sport I suppose, and as a physiotherapist I spend almost every day helping people to avoid injuries and trying to fix the ones they have. Acute injuries are a little harder to avoid. They are the injuries that you can’t foresee, a slip here or a trip there, in the case of rugby a 100kg man tackling you to the ground with all his might. As much as we try we cannot really prepare our bodies completely for that.

We don;t know the extent of the damage but this is an illistration of what it may look like

We don’t know the extent of the damage but this is an illustration of what it may look like

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Expedition Africa – My Canadian Expedition Aye

How do you describe adventure racing to people.

One analogy I came up with was that it was like being pregnant – you had sore feet, swollen ankles, in this race some pretty uncontrollable toilet breaks, weird craving, mood swings, tired all the time and eventually walked like a duck – and why do we do this… Because at then end you have an amazing sense of achievement – and unlike pregnancy you don’t have even more sleep deprivation to deal with. So women, send your man on an Expedition race so that he can get the tiniest glimpse of what it is like to be pregnant, and when he comes back moaning, tired and cranky, give him a swift kick in the nuts and they will have a small reference point to what you are going through :)

In adventure racing it is never about the individual, sure you spend a lot of time in your own head but it is a team sport for a reason. This year I had been asked by a foreign team to join them, it was going to be super weird to meet them 2 days before race start but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

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Embracing the Multi-Sport – Totalsports Challenge 2014

First up for those that do not know, Totalsports Challenge is a multi-sport Race held in the beginning of January (because for some reason they hate people getting too rowdy over the festive season) from Gordon’s Bay to Kleinmond. It consists of 7 events that can be done individually or in teams, 2,4 or 7:

  • 13km Surf ski
  • 1.5km Swim
  • 50 km Road Cycle
  • 13km Road Run
  • 13km K1 Canoe
  • 25km Mountain Bike
  • 9km Beach Run

Last year I took on Totalsports Challenge Terra Firma – and as the name suggests, this is only consists of “ground events” the cycles and runs. It went really well and after watching the other athletes and teams come in I was super keen to take on the complete challenge. This year that is exactly what I attempted.


1: Surf ski – in previous years this event has often been cancelled due to windy conditions making the surf a bit rough. To be honest I was holding thumbs for this to happen again but, I am not so lucky and let’s just say I was a tad nervous starting out

We were off, the first couple of hundred meters were fine, I was definitely in the last couple of boats on the sea, but doing well. Then the carnage started! It started getting a bit rougher and soon people were bailing into the deep blue, left, right and centre. The wind picked up and soon boats were flying away from their owners and rescue water-skis were working super hard.

Don’t get me wrong I was not untouchable and just after making my way past a young girl clinging to her boat, over I went. It was the first of many… very, very many.

Somewhere on the ocean I lost the will to carry on (ha ha look at me being SUPER dramatic) but I am not going to lie, there was some screaming, some tears, paddling as hard as I could into the wind with my legs out the boat (cue “Jaws” theme song as well) and not going anywhere.

Land Ho!

Land Ho!

I know now, that if you are going to do a race with a sea paddle, it may be a good idea to actually have paddled in the sea. You would think I would have guessed that before.. Darned blonde hair.

2. Swim

I am not a fast swimmer, but since playing waterpolo at school I am pretty confident in my swimming ability. 1.5km’s is a fair distance if you don’t usually swim it, so I put in a little training for this and got the most awesome Christmas present (an underwater mp3 player) to help out with it.

This part of the event was the easiest part (except getting in and out of the wetsuit, my god, they should really look into that – getting yanked out of your suit – not attractive, and may have pulled my underwear down with it!). Swimming to me feels natural, it’s easy and even though I pretty much entered the water last it was a breeze. This gave me some time to stop hating the ocean and what it did to me on the paddle and give my legs a bit of a break before the next leg.

I'm a seal!

I’m a seal!

3. Road Cycle

This would have been a lot easier if there were more people around, as cycling together is a lot easier but I didn’t have that luxury. I did have an amazing second (Boyfriend) who was ready to force feed me bananas and chat to me along the way if he could


The cycle makes its way from Gordon’s bay to kleinmond along the coastal road, a beautiful and undulating ride (I did notice that suddenly the ocean looked flat as glass by the way!). I was feeling pretty good on the bike, I hadn’t been on the road a lot (road cyclists tend to wake up before the sun and I feel that in some way that is just inhumane) but the legs were good and I was happy.

It was on the cycle that I first passed Kirsten (let the battle begin).  I passed her pretty quickly and on seeing that she was also an individual I thought I better get as much distance between us as possible. So I pushed pretty hard. Also keeping in mind that this is leg 3 of a 7 stage event  I probably should not have been pushing as hard as I did but towards the end when I felt a cyclist behind me I almost shat myself (how did she catch up) – it wasn’t her but boy did that light a fire under my ass.


4. Road Run

I hate the transition from bike to run, your legs always feel like lead jelly, yes that’s a possibility, and I generally get a stitch pretty early on. Boy was pushing me through transitions pretty quickly so off I went holding my chocolate milk shake as I went. Drinking chocolate milk shake whilst running is not the easiest thing to do, there was much spillage on slopping of chocolaty goodness; it’s the price we pay I suppose. Mid way through the run at a water spot, I met up with Kirsten’s parents (they had been passing me on the road to second her) and he told me she was 10 minutes behind me at the transition. 10 minutes is not much for me on the road. I am not so fast on my feet at all and soon I could see her looming in the background, darn it!

By the time we reached the next paddle she was within a couple of seconds of me and as we got into our boats, me my surf ski (which later we discovered had a pretty big crack in it – I like to say that’s why it was so heavy and not cos I suck :p ) and Kirsten in a racing canoe.. oh sh*t

I am not sure if any of you have this but I tend to pick someone in a race to beat.

I am very rarely racing for top spot so midway or earlier in a race I will pick someone of similar strength to me and decide that that is the race that I will have. She (or he, let’s not be sexist here) that I will try to beat.

5. Flat water (my ass) paddle

Watching Kirsten paddle off into the sun made my heart sink a little, so much for that rivalry – but I was on the water so it’s not like I could turn back now.

Obviously it wasn’t as rough as the sea but for me the water was still quite rough and once more I really thought about my sanity and why I decided that this was a good idea. Oh wait it wasn’t.

Stoopid paddling!


I may have made a little stop on a sand bank just so that I could stand for a second before carrying on but sssshh, don’t tell my “coach”.

Back on dry land I was pretty down and out, shoulders were sore, the  life boat with the buoy was literally following me to shore so I must’ve looked pretty down and out as well, if someone had come up to me and said – good job, you can stop now I think I seriously would have considered it.

One of the sweetest moments I have had in a while happened in this transition, Boyfriend, seeing the tears in my eyes and realising that he should just talk and not ask questions told me that Kirsten was only 10-15, minutes ahead of me and I should go get her. His answer to my response of “How is that possible?!?!?!” was” “She is a provincial paddler and was a little faster than you.” I laughed (on the inside, on the outside I was still pretty upset at the world). In no way had I meant how she got that far ahead I was incredulous at the fact that she was ONLY that far ahead. Boyfriend support is the best. Turns out that I was right, he was lying to me and she had easily made about 30 minutes on me in the paddle, but I didn’t know that.

So, I was handed another milkshake (I just really like chocolate) and off I was sent, on the bike.

6. Mountain Bike

I had done this ride during Terra Firma and remembered it being 12km’s of uphill and then excluding an evil little bump towards the end 12km’s of some pretty gnarly and technical downhill. As long as I could get through the uphill I was actually kind of looking forward to this ride.

Compared to previous times that I had ridden this hill, this was a breeze. I am not sure how that is possible, I think after 7 hours or racing my body had just resigned itself to the fact that I was not going to stop and it should just join in on the “fun”.

Getting to the water point at the end of the climb was awesome, I felt good and it came a lot quicker than I remembered. I had already past 2 people but it wasn’t about that anymore. This was me on my bike in an amazing place doing what I loved. I know that sounds super inspirational and all that jazz but it was true, I wasn’t racing and only racing anymore, I was having a good time doing it. After the paddle with the grimacing and tearing up and screaming t the world in general, the downhill’s and even some of the uphill’s actually made me “whoop”. I am a little ashamed to admit it, but it’s true!

By the time I caught Kirsten I wasn’t even thinking about it anymore, in fact she had changed clothes in between the paddle and bike (yup, that’s how much time she had) and I didn’t even recognize her. I caught her on the last hill and could see that she was not enjoying herself – I love how that can happen in multi-sport, she probably looked at me the same way on the paddle as she breezed past me. I let her know this was the last hill and it was all downhill from there, and boy was it!

I basically did some low level flying back to the kleinmond where I think Boyfriend was pretty surprised to see a big smile on my face. Shoes, Suntan lotion and some (you guessed it) chocolaty goodness applied and helloo beach.

7. Beach Run

Running on the beach seems a little endless sometimes, but the tied was low-ish and running out was pretty easy on the feet. You can see forever on the beach, in that blurry sandy haze and sure enough there was a little spec on the horizon behind me.

Usually, I would stop a little have a look around, but not this time. If I was going to stop on this run, I was going to be past, and by god that was not going to happen. So on I went, marking my progress by aiming for a random piece of seaweed or driftwood so that I felt that I had actually done some distance (small victories).

The run back was not as easy, the tide had come in and soon running became a bit laborious, choosing between running on a sideways slant or dry terrible sand soon gets you pretty buggered. I could see the flags though and with those flags cam solid ground.

A few friends met me to cheer me on for the last couple hundred metres and touching the hard wood of the lagoon bridge was like heaven. You really do appreciate the small things after a long day.

The End.

I had made it, it was hard and I was a little sore (mainly sunburn in retrospect) but I did it. I was pretty sure position wise I was going to be 5th – whoop whoop top 5, not too shabby but as I ran though the finishing chute I was told that I came third! Cue confused face.

Sorry what?

But it was true, podium noggal, not too shabby for a looooong day out, plus there are only a couple of girls crazy enough to spend that long in the sun alone but I will still claim it :)

Battling it out for 3rd place!

Battling it out for 3rd place!

The whole event was pretty epic and not really what I am used to but it was an absolutely amazing experience. Nothing like loving life and hating it and loving it again all within a 4 hour period. Plus the victory eating and cocktail that evening was well worth it!

Totalsports Challenge is an amazing event to take part in, whether you do one event as part of a team, the Terra Firma, or the full. It’s just great to be a part of such an awesome day with 700+ other people cheering you on, racing next to you and just having a good old time.

Thanks to the guys at Totalsports and Stillwatersports events. I had the time of my life!


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Off the Trail and onto some Tar – my first and second full marathon

The Cape Town Marathon at the end of September was my first full marathon – that would be 42.2km’s of ROAD running.

This will add to another first in the last 3 years, each time I write that I remind myself that at the beginning of 2010 I stated categorically that I would never run over 10km’s or cycle over 20..

It’s a bit ridiculous how times have changed.. But let’s get back to the pain.

The marathon was held on Sunday the 22nd of September and I entered on Sunday the 1st of September. that left me 3 weeks to train for a 42+km road run.

So I have done runs further than that havent I? Maybe, but there is a big ass difference between the road and the trail..

The road is obviously a lot harder and flatter, that means that you run at a pretty constant pace and the impact through your body is quite a lot. The trail is uneven so you are always shifting your position and you will often change speeds. Most injuries that runners get are overuse injuries, beside the sprained ankle here and there its generally all about the overuse and repetitive actions. Road running is a repetitive action.

So with that in mind I was pretty sure that my poor li’l body was not going to be so stoked with me so it was time for some crash training – but not too much as you can’t go into a run injured (or shouldn’t). I was okay with that, a slow start to some running and increasing it over time – I had three weeks, this would be fine. And then it rained.

I am such a fair-weather athlete and I mean it’s not like it was just rain, we had hail, and he whole bang shoot so I did have some excuses. Basically what this lead me to was 3 days before the run I had run 1 x 20km’s and 3 x 10km’s.

P.S – that’s not enough

Anyhoo – I had entered and paid for the race – it was time to get my ShoOops out and do this thing.

The Run

I started at the back of the pack and off we went, from about the 3rd km mark I cam across Trent Morrow, aka. Marathon Man. this extraordinary man is trying to break the world record of marathons run in a year (160) and all to raise awareness for cancer. This marathon would be his 105th and then he would jet off to Patagonia to run there. Trent ran with me for the first 20km’s. I had gone into the run saying that I was not going to run with anybody but if someone wanted to run with me that was cool. The problem with that, is that you just end up getting in step with the person you are talking to and soon we were running a lot faster than I had planned, but because we were chatting and what not I did not even notice (I feel there should be some sort of suspensefull music played here).


All good and well until your body starts talking to you.

I don’t generally eat on road runs, but then I don’t generally run more than 21km’s on the road, so of course I had nothing with me. Trent, thankfully fed me a goo but that was just the start. Once you start listening to what your body has to say it all goes a little downhill from there, I reckon long distance athletes have a certain skill of ignoring the little cries of pain their muscles and joints start giving. Suddenly my knee’s, hips and feet started saying “howdy” and complaining a little. This was half way in, I was sore already, eish. By the time I got to my darling second (coach and boyfriend) at the 26km mark, lets just say I was pretty close to some heaving dry sobs. Then he gave me  a milkshake – BEST coach/boyfriend ever! With a renewed spirit I missioned on again until I hit the dreaded 32km mark. – Yup I am pretty easily pleased by dairy.

For some reason everyone says that for your first marathon, the 32km mark is where you generally hit the wall, and boy it was a high wall.

As luck would have it, my Unogwaja family was there to support me and Joff Gouveris found me and refused to leave my side until the end, we were joined by a good couple of experienced runners who all ushered me in – you guys ROCK by the way!

CTmarahon ctmarathon2

Even after my tired legs didn’t pick themselves up high enough and I tripped and bailed face first into the tar 2km’s from the finish the guys pulled me back onto my feet and off we went. I was limping, I was sore but my red socks covered the blood and I crossed that darn finish line in 4 hours and 36 minutes. Not amazing, but I was happy. First marathon done and dusted!

finish ct marathon

Marathon Number 2

So I had done a marathon, and after 2 days of proclaiming that I would never run on the road again, a mate of mine decided we should do Winelands marathon together. After doing Gun Run together and not killing each other I decided to give it a go.

I didn’t really think to train, I had run a marathon a month before – surely that’s training right? :)

So I entered the race and was ready to go! He didn’t enter. So there I was, under some very ominous rain clouds about to run another 42.2km. I arrived feeling alright, not really knowing much about the route, it was pretty chilly and i was relying on my ipod to be my company over the next couple of hours. Then, in the starting group everyone around me started talking about how last year they swore never to do this race again and that it’s the toughest marathon in Cape Town and and and. I was so very close to quietly slipping off, getting in my car and driving home. No one would know.

But that’s not who I am (stubborn as hell) and off we went. A little more prepared this time I had 2 goo’s of my own and decided that I would eat them at the 15km and 30km marks , water only until 15km as well, and then I would start on the coke (I tend to give myself sugar highs and then crash quite badly). See I had a plan, an ipod and a couple of avicci songs to keep me going I was gonna ace this.

Until my hip said “NA UH”.

It started as a little niggle in my right groin and eventually I was wogging (a mixture of walking, waddeling and jogging) with a large chunk of ice pressed firmly onto my hip flexor, in torrential downpour of course. Basically this means trying to run with your hand down your pants without looking completely ridiculous. P.S – it’s not possible. By the time we got to the 3km”s of gravel road with corrugations in it, lets just say i was less than pleased with life, but the angel at the top of the hill who rubbed me down with arnica ice – I will never forget you!

When I told people later that I had finished in pain etc, they said to me that I was super hard core, and that’s a joke. i am so very not hardcore, I am, just stubborn as hell and have an issue not finishing things.. So unless I had a broken ankle I was NOT pulling out of this race – stubbornness and stupidity – a fine line.

It eventually ended with a crazy blonde girl half limping half running whilst shouting  at herself (I don’t give very good pep talks, not even to myself) crossing a very muddy finish line in 4 hours 52.. Oh well, I finished :)

The day after tomorrow

So day 2 post race tends to be the worst apparently, although i am pretty sure day 1 and directly after are also pretty bad. Especially when one is a physiotherapist and does a physical job, but even after all the anguish, I would do it all again tomorrow. I’m not sure I can tell you exactly why, but the feeling of accomplishment is one like no other. To push yourself to your edge and carry on is something that makes me feel alive. To know that I can do it. Can you?

I’m no convert

Don’t worry, I am not planning on giving up trail for tar anytime soon, but my short foray into the unknown “roadie” world will not be regretted and I am sure you’ll see me wogging with the best of them soon. Until then, its back to getting dirty, tripping over logs and scrambling up rocks – I am very excited to be getting some mud on my shoes once more!

muddy shoes

okay.. not that dirty – but you never know ;)



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WCAD 4: Navigation 101

So this post is labeled as “Racing” but that is NOT what we did.

Since Expedition Africa I have taken a very laxidasical approach to training, mainly because I havent done any. Sure I have been out on my bike and taken my puppy for a run in the forest but with no real intention to “train”. I realised that until I really wanted to be out here and push myself it is silly to force it or this sport wont be any fun anymore.

WCAD 4 was coming up though and having missed the last one, I was not going to miss out again.

I decided to race with Quintin (a.k.a coach), this is always interesting for bystanders as we seem to have a very much hate-hate relationship when we race,

We decided that things were going pretty well so lets give this racing together thing one more bash. On one condition, we go my pace, which considering my lack of exercise was going tp be S.L.O.W.

This can sometimes be quite hard for a competitive person so we decided we would use this race as a training session and I would be the navigator. Now we all know the story that woman can’t read maps and men don’t ask for directions and this time we were going t put the theory to the test. I was going to do ALL the navigation and get no help from Q. Recipe for disaster.. mebbe

Waking up at the crack of dawn to drive out to Paarl to Cascade Manor race start reminded me how long it has actually been since I had done this, but oh well. The weather was seriously ominous and we knew it was going to be a loong cold day out, too late to back out I suppose.

Off we go with the phrase “we are not here to race we are here to participate” on our tongues.

Leg 1: Trail Run/Trek

It was pretty straightforward to know that we had to run straight out of the gates of Cascade Manor and to checkpoint 2- YES I GOT ONE RIGHT SO FAR! :)

Then the field started to split up slightly as teams chose different paths to the next point (we were told to get all the checkpoints in order), it’s always interesting when you are in a group and you all head off in opposite directions just to end up at the same point at the same time 20 minutes later. Things were good, I knew where we were.. for now.

A few missed turns and fast decisions soon saw us on our own and there were a couple of back and forth happening but I was getting the hang of this navigation thing. Team spirits were shall we say, “jovial”

  q bum

unfortunately we could not do the abseil leg as it was too wet but looked absolutely amazing! definitely a spot to go back to if I can


We trotted into the transition, taking our sweet time to have some coke and chicken before starting out on the bike leg, its interesting going into a race with absolutely no intention of pushing yourself, i mean we were trying don’t get me wrong but coming of leg 1 having done about 3-5km extra on a relatively short route.

running1  running

Leg 2: Bike

This was the majority of the distance of the race and I was keen to get riding. The short course teams started with the bicycle and we ran past quite a few of them circling the mountains in a dazed and confused state, so that was not very encouraging..

The first few checkpoints were pretty straightforward (I mean navigationally) Grant “the masochist” Ross (Race Organiser) made sure that we paid for the easy Nav with some good climbs and decisions.

The rain was coming down nicely and I was having some good fun… until checkpoint 16  the description was “Porta Pool” boy did we look for that darn pool!

One small error saw us turning down a road to early – it was a nice hill and the checkpoint was at the bottom of the hill, near a dam.. so down we went, and there was the hill, and there was the dam! How much easier could it be.. HAH! After searching around the dam, getting the resident dog very upset we met up with 2 other teams in the same predicament. Soon the boys were all comparing notes and decided that we were in a certain spot – VERY FAR FROM WHERE WE SHOULD BE. Oh boy!

Decision time.. taking the boys word for it (not a good idea) and deciding on our next move saw us going up and down 1 road 4 times.. It was cold, rainy and miserable, we had deliberated about where we were for over an hour and I was over it.

Lets just say there were tears – proper “I don’t want to be here! This sucks!” girl tantrum.. Good times!

Failure, although, is not an option for me unless I am physically incapable of carrying on.. this it seems is a slight flaw of mine. I might have an issue or two, but that’s me :)

So I decide where I think we are using the mountains to pinpoint a spot and decide what the next option is.. Its very interesting racing with someone who navigates in a completely different way to what you are used to. I am used to watching Ev navigate, using a compass constantly to check himself etc, and frankly I think that if I had done this more often we wouldn’t have gotten so far off course. Q however doesn’t do this ad his navigation is always quick little checks and keep on moving, with this in his mind I felt quite pressurised to keep moving and reckon that’s where I slipped up..

Using the mountains was a start (they don’t change often like roads so they?) – and we were on route again. Downhill once more and there the dam was but where was this bloody porta pool! the next tantrum was coming to the surface again and then there it was.. Seeing Quintin next to that number 16 WCAD CP board, I have never felt such loving feelings for him!

I’d like to say that from here we flew to the next leg but alas I felt like I was riding through mud constantly and the km’s did not fly by as they should – lets just say going from no training to 100km’s is not so friendly on my body.

The dam was a good sight and we were at the next transition.

Leg 3: Paddle

paddling is always a bit of an interesting one for me and I generally take the seat out to help me with stability if i want to paddle slightly quicker.. this is all good and well when you are sitting at the back but when sitting in the front and you need to steer (apparently navigation means boat steering as well) makes it slightly difficult and there was much toe steering happening and many a wobble in the poor boat.paddle

We had managed to leave the map and cp card on the shore, so the first point was pretty straight forward (you could see it from the shore) and I used a spare piece of ductape (I say spare but it was probably covering up some fairly important hole in the boat) to punch the cp pattern into – trying to remember it at the same time just in case and we aimed for where I though the next point was. I was fairly certain I knew where on the dam it was but when we got there.. Nadda.. thank heavens for the loads of broken bush and footprints leading into the bush that I could follow – back in t he boat and the 2km’s that we paddles felt like at least 20.. but all done..

Back on the bike, one quick CP and home we go.

Getting into the finish just before prize-giving and a well deserved Wors roll :)

om nom nom

I found this race particularly interesting, although I didn’t push myself to my physical limits, I reckon I reached my emotional limit. Navigation throws in a whole new aspect to the race, i am so used to keeping my head down  and following on these “Short” distances so it is crazy how much more involved you get when navigating. The small triumphs when you get it right and how frustrated with yourself you can get when you get it wrong. if someone else leads you to the bottom of the hill erroneously and you have to go back up you can mumble and moan at them as you climb, but when you do it to yourself.. it’s a tad different.

I really enjoyed this different take on adventure racing, it showed me some very new ways of looking at the sport.

Great Race – as usual, throwing in the cold as another obstacle is always interesting.

Next race – Gravity Adventure Festival this weekend in Kleinmond! – this is a 30km Adventure race perfect for beginners to try their hand at different type of multi-sport – Come on you know you want to – Enter here




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